Fall in Love with 31 Bits (again & again)

Lindsay Letters for #BitsOfStyle

Did you all happen to read the incredible article from FashionABLE about Slow Fashion? In the article, Marisa writes:

Who makes your stuff matters. How it’s made matters. Your decision to intentionally purchase products that are thoughtfully designed and produced has the ability to change an entire industry.  We can be a part of the solution to create ethical, sustainable business, together, one SLOW step at a time.”

I’ve always loved 31 BitsTOMSFashionABLESevenly and companies of the like because their products were cool and trendy. But since reading that article, I’ve thought more about it. We have a choice as consumers. On-trend consumers, even. We can choose to buy our clothes and accessories and goods from wherever we like. So, when given the option, why not choose to buy our next tee, scarf, accessory, leather good… from someplace that is literally changing people’s lives? I want to take my choice as a consumer seriously. And the really cool thing is, you can do good AND look good.

Enter: 31 Bits.

Lindsay Letters for #Bitsofstyle

I am a long time lover of 31 Bits. Any company that uses fashion and design to empower people to rise above slavery is exactly what you would call my jam.

So when my friend Alex of AveStyles invited me down to my favorite AZ boutique, Frances Vintage, to check out the new 31 Bits Fall / Winter line with a handful of Phoenix’s coolest and creative ladies, the answer was YES YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

Lindsay Letters for #BitsofStyle

I am crazy over 31 Bits new line. I honestly want it all. I love all the little spiky pieces and the color combos this season – it feels tribal, yet soft. For this look, Alex layered me up with a few pieces, including the Brer Fox and Glacier. There were so many cool pieces – I have my eye on the Terrazo and Rogue next! To complete the look, Alex popped on that amazing green ring, fox bracelet, and (super comfy) coral wedges – all from Frances Vintage. (Top from Anthropologie, glasses from Costal, jeans from kensie). And that sweet tiny gold arrow? Part of a collaboration I’m working on with Project Heart Yourself – coming to the LL Shop in time for Christmas gifts!)

Oh, I have one last random favorite thing to say about these Bits. One of the things I love about wearing this paper (!!) jewelry is that its so light! Ever since becoming a mama (maybe all the time I took working from home and not getting ready??), whenever I put on a big statement piece, I’ve removed it by the end of the day. It just feels hot, heavy, and annoying. Not with these pretties. The paper beads are so light, I totally forget I’m wearing them! Until, that is, I get a compliment or Eva starts playing with them. Beautiful, empowering and comfortable?!… okay, so that’s my official jam.

For more styling ideas, check out the other ladies Alex styled here: Summer,  Reachel, Jenny, Jessica, Lauren, Jennifer, and our stylist herself, Alex. And while you’re clicking around our there, check out photographer Kym – she was SO FUN to work with! I’m walking away from this night with some sweet accessories and a new Phoenix memory to treasure. xo, L

{the official backstory on 31 Bits : 31 Bits started in 2008 by five college girlfriends, after they traveled to Northern Uganda and met six women making paper bead jewelry. They realized these ladies had a beautiful product and desperately needed an income and 31 Bits was born. Since that summer, 31 Bits has grown from 6 women to over 170 beneficiaries in Northern Uganda. All are cared for holistically, as 31 Bits runs health education, finance trainings, business training, mentorships, and more. Incredible, yes?! To read more, click here: 31 Bits | Fashion For Good. }