My Glasses

I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m addicted to: iced coffee and buying glasses. I can’t stop. Honestly. I’m totally a free agent, and in an uncommitted glasses relationship. No pair is ever safe. I don’t know why, but I just love the way changing a pair of glasses changes my whole mood or look. Ever since my first ever pair of pink, sponge painted glasses in 3rd grade, I. Was. Hooked. Go big or go home, people. #yougottariskittogetthebiscuit.


(You’re welcome)

So fast-forward 20ish years, and probably no lie 50 pairs of glasses later, here I am – still addicted. I’ve Warby’d, Rivet & Sway’d, and my previous personal favorite used to be LensCrafters. That was, until the online places started popping up and were WAY less expensive. (But oh, the immediate satisfaction of only waiting an HOUR for glasses!! Now THAT is my jam. It’s hard to pass up getting to walk into the mall and, in the time it takes to down an Auntie Annies pretzel and pass on the one shoulder tank at Express, find yourself with a whole new look). However, thanks to a recommendation from Melissa, my newest favorite is Coastal. Tons of styles, great customer service, and your first pair is FREE.


Read my lips: F R E E. No catch or hoops, you just pay shipping. So, I got the glasses in the photo above for $13 dollars. And I LOVE them. I got them just for fun, but now they’re my favorite pair to wear. Super super comfortable and (especially now that my hair is platinum!) they make a statement without appearing as though I’m trying to look ironic. The frames I’m wearing are the Derek Cardigan 7004 in Ice.


You can buy them here, but be sure to click the f r e e link above so you can be walked through the process of almost stealing them! Check out this eye candy below from the Coastal Style Blog. Isn’t it cool how her look has so much going on, and the glasses still work?



(Incidentally, that little cutie is wearing a different style than mine, 7008). And yet, I love how the clear look super cool even if your style doesn’t have a ton going on. (Especially if you’re a model). Click here for the full blog post about Blair’s look, below.


On my less clear, more ironic days you can find me in a few different pairs from Rivet & Sway: Punchline in Neapolitan and Moss Landing (these are perfect for a retro look without being oversized. Perfect for beginners) | 5th Avenue in Downtown Tortoise | Director’s Cut in Confetti Pink. If you are in the market for new frames and see some R&S ones you love, use code LINDSAYRIVETS at chekout and you’ll get $10 off!)


So if this post has taught you anything, let it be this: if you’re in 3rd grade and you look like the photo above, don’t worry. It gets better. Secondly, glasses buying is not what it once was. If you’ve been wearing the same pair for more than 2 years, do yourself a big fat favor (Laura, I’m talking to you) and get yourself a new pair. Whether your daily uniform is yoga pants and a tee or a tasteful pantsuit, you will not believe how a new pair of glasses will raise your self confidence. Trust me. xo (Also, if you’re wearing a tasteful pantsuit… don’t).