heir bloom business cards

Hi! Remember this post? Well, my friend Ahndea is a stylist {as in, she takes you and your stuff and makes you look better than how you made you look in your stuff. And she’ll help you go and get more youier you stuff too. Anyway, check out her site and you’ll get the idea}. Well, she inherited a ton of vintage jewelry from her fabulous Yaya, and started making these flower creations using the vintage heirlooms {now you see where this is going} and using them in the portraits she was styling. So many people wanted to buy them after they saw them and wore them, she thought she might as well give the public what they wanted, and HeirBloom was born. I am lucky enough to get to work on her branding and, while we’ve still got a ways to go, I thought I’d share the identity I created for her. Here it is, along with a photo of the gorgeous Ahndea {oh, and me} both wearing some of the pretty jeweled flowers. Happy Saturday! xo, linds