Annnnnnd…. we’re back!


Well, friends! I’m back here! It seems that is the place that the internet world is going to find me, so here I will be. Actually, a little background about this: my blog’s original address, in 2009, was When I opened the online shop as it stands now, I moved that to and changed the blog to Last year, I tried moving the blog to a tab on my store website, but this url continues to be a top hit and where ya’ll are looking, so I’m back! I’m excited to be meeting you here more often. I’ve loved posting to Instagram, but sometimes a little square and 2,200 characters isn’t quite enough! I’m hoping here you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, LL Studio and life updates, and more things I’m loving. Thanks for joining me (back) here! xo, linds // (p.s. that image above is of a new abstract releasing this Christmas! It’s a freshly color edited version of the Blush Mountains Abstract).