NTD Avent


Friends, let me share with you a little goodness that’s about to change your life. And I’m serious. If you haven’t already discovered it, or even if you already have, you’re in for a special treat. Four years ago, my friend Jess Connolly, founder of Naptime Diaries, designed a set of 25 cards – one to celebrate each day of the Advent season, leading up to Christmas. Her friends took notice, and the cards basically caught like wildfire. Four years later, the Naptime Diaries team continues to come up with new and inspiring Advent calendar designs (and an Advent Journal, too!) and offer them for sale at a huge discount – their Christmas gift to you!


Because I know all of the thought, prayer, intention and love that goes in to the Advent line, I was beyond excited to come alongside the Naptime Team to get to help with some of the Advent design elements this year. I just love Jess’ bohemian style and ability to give life & energy to paper with perfect color combinations and inspiring words, and so this was collaboration was such an incredibly sweet time of creative collaboration for me!


The Advent “calendar” card set includes 25 mini prints for you to do what you like with. We love them strung up over the fireplace, pinned to tree branches, or even used as little cards on gifts. (I got two sets – one for my fireplace, and one to separate and give out to various new friends). I also love that the prints aren’t all super Christmas-y. There are lots I envision nestling about my house and leaving up all year. Orrrr… just keeping it on my fireplace all year. Because why not.


Something I’m personally SUPER excited about this year is the full-blown Advent Journal. And here is why. I’m all for the hustle and bustle and gifts and decorations and things at Christmas. Truly, I love it. But I also feel like I wish I could find a way to go about my December (especially) with a good amount of reverence for what the season truly means. I already have my journal out on my desk, ready and waiting to dive in. I really think that the Lord is going to use this journal as a tool to keep me grounded in and mindful of Him in the busiest of seasons. Plus, I’ve cheated and already read this thing, and it’s the real deal. Not stuffy, just personal and to-the-point. That’s my kind of journal.


If you see this and love it, and can think of a bunch of friends who would also love it, awesome. You can buy the journals in bundles. How perfect for a small group, mom’s get-together, roommates, or to give as early gifts? (I’m passing mine out when I see friends & relatives at Thanksgiving!)


Now, I know we just barely finished talking Fall, but I wanted to share the Advent things with you now because, well, because I know how I am. The fall will fly by, and on top of good intentions for Advent might come homework, after school stuff for kiddos, dinner making and meetings… For me, anyway. I love that I’m all stocked and ready. Bring it on, Christmas. If you’re anything like me, I think it might bless you to take care of this now. So if you see this post and find your heart beating pitter patter, and if you see the images and think that the Calendar and Journal might be a blessing to you or friends/family this season, then spread the words and visit the Naptime Diaries Shop. Here’s hoping for a grounded & blessed holiday season! Now, back to fall… xo, l

(And if you decide to dive in this year, we’d love to see your pics! Use #NTDAdvent on Instagram!)