I’m not on a plane.


For the first time in my entire 32 years, I was actually ready… early. I had my Lara bars, appropriate travel sized toiletries, tons of fun nail polish for the women at HEKO, travel journal, clothes set out, little plastic mermaids (gifts for Eva while I’m gone), and a responsible, information-packed email sent to my parents. I was ready to leave for Kenya today.


When The Mocha Club asked me to go with them to Kenya, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. My friend Annie – with your help!! – raised over $10,000 (!!!!!) to go towards updating New Dawn school. A group of us were going to head over there to check out the school, make some art and love on some students, and report back about all the incredible things God is doing there.


But today, instead, I am in my office. Heart heavy, bag still packed, lukewarm coffee.

There has been a recent increase in senseless violence in Kenya, and especially in Nairobi – right where we were headed. In light of the recent bombings, kidnappings and the U.S. Embassy’s suggestion for no travel to Kenya, we needed to reevaluate our trip. On friday, our group got on a conference call to talk through our plan. Through weird silences and a lot of pauses and questions, we decided it would be best to postpone our trip. I am so humbled and honored by how the Mocha Club and African Leadership staff handled this situation. They were so wise, considerate and caring. They were not fearful but empowering. As a team, we decided that if our true priority is to tell the story of all the LIFE and LOVE and GOOD NEWS happening in Kenya, it would be best to wait. We wanted the focus of the trip to be on telling the beautiful story of New Dawn and how we need Africa – not on our safety. Simply put, we wanted your #1 question to be “Is it so incredible?!” not, “Are you okay?!”


(Here is one of the New Dawn classrooms before. Can’t wait to show you the after!)

I have a heavy heart, but these things remain true: 1. The money has ALREADY been raised, praise the Lord!!!!!!! All that money going right to New Dawn and fixing her up like she deserves! 2. We will go, just not now. And God has a plan, and His timing is perfect. We will rest in that this week. 3. I’ve read the end of The Book. I know Love Wins.

More updates to come about what’s next. For now, if you’re interested, check out the other girl’s blogs. My heart is heavy with them. Annie | Jessi | Marisa | Nish (You too, Lizzie!) // And you can read The Mocha Club update on their Blog as well.

Please keep New Dawn, it’s staff and students, the women at HEKO, the Mocha Club team, and the people of Kenya in your prayers. I know you will. xo