Just Love: A New Line!


I’m so so so thrilled to announce: Just Love – a new line in the Lindsay Letters Shop!


Deciding to create a line like this was birthed months and months ago. When D and I moved, it was so fun to look at our new place and decide what should go where. 24 hours after our moving truck pulled away, I had these 3 thoughts: 1. If we ever again move to a totally different climate and home-style, I will leave 98% of my material things behind and start over. Wool sweaters and shabby chic didn’t really make sense in our new AZ adobe. 2. Never again let the tamale lady sell her goodies to the moving guys before they’re done actually moving your stuff in. 3. What the heck kind of art do you put in a bedroom?


You see, I always start with art first. Always. No matter if I was moving to my new locker in high school, my new room at the sorority, or a new house, art for me is the foundation of everything else. We may not have a bed, but we sure as hell have some paintings and a few plates rigged to the wall. It helps me to feel at home. In our new place, we’re fortunate to have a good size bedroom with a lot of wall space. So naturally, I leaned our 3 (small) wedding photo canvases on the walls and laughed. Wow, we look little. (Also, so did the canvases). And it got me thinking – aside from wedding photos, what do people hang on the walls of their bedroom? Sure, there’s the “always kiss me good night” barn wood panels, maybe a Starry Starry Night or an abstract painting and perhaps a mirror. But what else? And eventually, here is where I landed.


Six new Art Prints, all in black letterpress and shiny gold foil. The prints are sketchy, and that’s intentional. I’m not exactly a romantic – I wanted these prints to be pretty, but not overly cursivey or feminine feeling. I choose classic matte black letterpress together with gold foil. Because who doesn’t love black and gold? And the paper is awesome – it’s not quite white, not quite tan, with little flecks throughout. It looks like if a white sandy beach were to reincarnate as a piece of cardstock. At 11″ x 14″, the prints are the largest ones in the shop. I wanted them to feel substantial, and like they would make a great gift to someone, even without a frame. Just stick a pretty bow on it and – voilà! Leave it perched on the gift table so all your friends can ask who got it for them. (You did. You did). And finally, for a little je ne sais quoi, each print has a special little something at the bottom in gold.


The prints are all available right here, for $35 each. Or, you can choose any 3 for $85, or pick up the whole lot for $150. If you’re looking for a frame, I got this white one at Target and a chincy black pop-in one at Hobby Lobby (I thought it looked really cool in my gallery wall in my office, and it was only like, $4 with my coupon!). I couldn’t find any gold ones I loved, so I worked the system: I got this Gold Leaf Gallery Frame from West Elm, and just had my local framing store cut a matte to fit my 11″ x 14″ prints. It’s perfect! These prints could easily stand along, but I love the idea of hanging several in a row together. And of course, in a gallery wall as mentioned above. (Little peek at my un-finished desk space below).


I hope you find one – or a few – you love! I’m hoping to see these prints pop up all over… in Arizona adobes, lake front cottages, farm houses, suburban cities and sandy beaches alike. I also think they would be super cute to use as photo props and in event styling!

Oh, and one last note: aren’t those flowers beautiful!? My friend Teresa, owner of Camelback Flower Shop, worked with me to style the photos for the line. She’s such a natural. Effervescent, joyful, and really knows how to work a poppy. Thanks for all your help and beauty, Teresa!

Enjoy! xoxo