Love Is Waiting Adoption Shop

(Above lettering + design by Heather Hale)

When I was first introduced to Heather’s Love is Waiting Adoption Shop, I at once fell in love with her mission and her products. [In fact, this print is soon to be an addition in the new (top secret, super exciting) print collective at Lindsay Letters!] She is a designer, letterer and adoptive mamma that decided to put her crazy skills to good use. Every week, some of the profits of her goods go towards a different family’s adoption efforts. This week, some of our closest friends in the entire universe – the Zibells – are that family. (!!!!!!) You guys, it would mean the world to me if you stopped by the Love Is Waiting Adoption Shop and showed some love. I just purchased this shirt, and I cannot WAIT to wear it around, knowing it made just the tiniest difference in bringing a baby home. My heart aches to meet Baby Z, and I want to thank you in advance for your support and prayers. To keep posted on Steph & Scott’s journey, or to laugh and cry all in the same blog post, keep posted on the Zibell’s journey here: Without Borders. And now, go check out some some of these goodies!