Wishbone print for The Makerista

My new assumed friend Gwen is one of my new favorite people whom I’ve never met. She’s great friends with my great friend Laura, and so I get to be Gwen’s friend, too. You may remember her and her amazing top knot from this picture:

Gwen and Laura styled the heck out of the new Love is Gold Collection, and I’m so grateful that she has blessed me with her amazing talents. Gwen is a stylist, homemaker, mom, and warrior. You can read more about her daily adventures on her beautiful blog, The Makerista.

Whether your work is folding laundry or studying or styling, I am such an advocate for making yourself a beautiful space to work. And I’m really excited that the Wishbone Print made it into this lineup! (And that portrait by Caitlin Shearer! I could stare at her for days!) For more about Gwen’s blogging spot makeover, and more loveliness, click here.

And with that, you MUST check out designer Eva Black and her super awesome SPACES section of her blog. It’s a collection of artists and photos of where they work. So inspiring if you’re looking for a little office inspiration, or just inspiration in general! xoxo