Soul Pancake + The Fatherhood Project

Corbyn Tyson is an incredible friend and mentor to me. I’ve done some of my best work under his art direction, had some of my most favorite creative moments on his watch, and called him (and his awesome and discerning wife) whenever I’ve felt like quitting (Corbyn, anticipate a call tomorrow). He has made me so, so much better at what I do. When he’s not talking me off of creative cliffs, or running his agency Frank & Harvey, or directing super cool videos, he’s spending time with his family and being a dad (note: an awesome dad). And this role has led Corbyn to his latest project (with Soul Pancake!)

We have all been affected by our dads. And really, our relationship with our fathers ripples on to so much of our lives. I’m so blessed to have an amazing relationship with my dad, and I’ve been thinking about this even more now that we have a little one we get the privilege of parenting. In the pilot episode of The Fatherhood Project, Corbyn begins a dialogue about fatherhood… what did our dads do right? What maybe not as right? And how does that affect us and the way we parent?

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Have fun prepping your turkeys and tofurkeys! I’ll be in touch soon! xo, l

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