Hope Print & Givaway winner

Hello friends!

Well first, WE MADE IT!!!! After a long (and sometimes really beautiful) drive across the country, we have made it to sunny AZ. Our house and neighborhood are awesome and we’re excited for this new journey. Homesickness hit us pretty hard, but I haven’t cried in 2 solid days, and progress is progress. All that to say, it’s so beautiful here, I’m trying to soak in every minute. Literally.

Secondly, thanks to random.org, I’d like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Studio Calico Giveaway winner, Casey E! Casey, I can’t wait to hear all the fun ways you use the elements of this set. Enjoy!!!

And third, I wanted to share with you one of my most favorite prints. (I designed it with Breast Cancer Awareness month in mind, but just couldn’t wait until October to release it!)

I’ll always remember time I was on the phone with my friend Steph, and she said something to me that I’ll never forget. She was just a few months into a super high risk pregnancy, and she said to me “I’ve realized that I will never regret having hope.” That has stuck with me all the years since, and I think it’s one of the wisest things I’ve heard. I don’t know why awful things happen to amazing people… why incredible women get cancer, or struggle with infertility, or depression, or have miscarriages. The only hope I have is in Christ. And when the reality of the world settles in, and I start to not have faith and not pray, and not believe for the best, I think about Steph. And I think “I will never regret having hope.” And in that hope, I do believe that we can have power in the face of adversity.

This month, you can get the Power of Hope Print for just $5 with any other purchase from the LL shop.

It’s the perfect chance to buy one for you and one for a friend or family member. We could all use a little extra hope! xo, L