Makin stuff! // Sneak Peek!

Man, I’ve been CRAY. I was going to say I’ve been a busy bee, but that’s a bit misleading, since “Busy Bee” implies cute and bustling, and I’ve been more like a hot mess, steam rolling through summer and eating too many carbohydrates. THAT TO SAY, we’ve had an awesome, crazy summer as a family. D has been traveling all over the Americas and such, hot in pursuit of where the next phase of his ministry (and mine) will take us. (Job hunting is wild, right?!) I just went to KC (one of my favorite places) to visit Laura (one of my favorite people) and to shoot all my fall/new/holiday stuff! Woo hoo!!! Can’t wait to show you!!! Here’s a little sampling of what I’ve been up to around the shop…

Laura shot these photos of little Olive helping with our props. :o)

I hope this note finds you happy & healthy! New stuff launching in September, so keep your eyes open! xo, L

p.s. If you pre-ordered a sweatshirt, they’re here!!! If you didn’t, you can still order one now –> Be True Sweatshirt.