Gilded Goodness for a Pretty Porch

Hey hey! So let me just tell you, I am not good at working outside. At all. I love BEING outside, just not working in the yard. I totally get how the whole digging hands in the dirt thing makes people feel earthy and spiritual and connected. However, I also have a bad habit of thinking like all things have feelings (even the old Cabbage Patch Kids from my childhood that are tucked in to a dark box in my basement. {Sorry, guys}). So with that, I don’t really want to put energy into keeping plants alive and feeling like I’m not giving them enough time or the proper attention and the best organic soil and affirmation, and…

Oh my gosh, a n y w a y…

But I really do love & appreciate pretty styled outdoor spaces. I just saw these pretty pots on Michaela’s blog, and I think they are so fun! And such a quick and easy way to add a little bling to your backyard (or anywhere you keep your potted plants. Or, in my case, the classy little $5 plastic plants I pick up on the way to the checkout at IKEA. Along with the hazelnut bars…)

Aren’t they pretty? (Photography by Em the Gem). The full tutorial from the talented ladies is over at the Glitter Guide, so check it out if you’re interested in some gilded goodness… maybe quick enough to even whip up before your BBQ tomorrow? And while you’re at it, please check out Michaela’s blog, Michaela Noelle Designs for lots of inspiring eye candy.

Incidentally, Michaela Noelle also styled & photographed our Whatever is Lovely Print earlier this spring. Check out her pretty photos:

(the print is also available in black!)

Okay, of to chalk aa board with my friend Lauren!
Happy Independence Day, Eve Lovelies!

Until soon – xo, L