Hey everyone! Happy July!!

I am SO SO SOOOOOOO excited to announce the biggest LL sale ever. That there ever was or ever will be. (Until maybe until next July… ;o)


This year seems to be just flying by. I’m already working on ideas for new pretty prints and products to add to the shop for the fall holiday season. In order to clear out some inventory, AND to get an even better idea of what you guys are liking, I wanted to offer all of my fall + Christmas holiday goodies to you at a lower cost for the month of July ONLY!

{Great Deals on Holiday Canvases!}

{$10 Holiday Art Prints!}

Great deals on STAMPS & STATIONERY, too!

I know what you’re thinking… can this get any better? Yes. Yes it can.

Back by super popular demand: Custom Address Stamps. I’m taking orders during the month of JULY ONLY for your custom address stamps. You won’t receive your stamp or the artwork to proof until fall, so think of this purchase more as a pre-order than immediate gratification. I love doing address stamps, I just simply can’t handle the volume. However, if you’re willing to be patient with me, I’ll try my best to make all of your address stamping dreams come true.

I’m even offering the original stamp design again, as well as a mess-free self-inking option. Yay!!!

I know we all love decorating & fun festive things for the holidays, and I hope this serves as a little mid-summer blessing to you and your pocket book. (Pocket book?!) And if it just totally freaks you out to even hear the word “Christmas,” then I’m sorry. Go back to your morning coffee and we’ll pretend like this never happened.

Until soon! xo, L