It’s 2013! What?!

Hello! It’s January! How the heck did that happen?! I hope this little post finds you healthy and happy and refreshed! As for me and my fam, things are good. We made it through Christmas – barely – with all of us being sick in some way or another. You guys, too? My birthday was Christmas Eve (31!) and I literally shuttered with flu chills through 1/4 of my much anticipated Gigi’s Red Velvet cupcake and then finally turned off Home Alone, threw in the towel, and succumbed to feeling gross for over a week. Eva and I still can’t breathe out of our left nostrils. Anyway. I’m feeling super energized by the start of a new year! Last year was a year of… well, starting. Starting how to figure out how to be a mom, starting to transition out of my job in ministry, and then another transition into starting the new shop. Exhausting! Awesome!! But here we are 2013, and I feel like for the first time in a long time I can start to see the beginning of some sort of balance. Or at least the potential to go to bed before midnight. Okay, 1. Maybe 2. But still.

I’m so excited about everything coming up for Lindsay Letters this year. First things first, some super fun Valentiney stuff is coming hot off the presses this week, then to a little glamour shots with a little Lark, and then to an online shop near you. Eek! Weeks like this are my absolute FAVORITE part of my already amazing job. I love seeing the ideas in my heads really come to life!

And then next up: Weddings. Yikes. /Yay!!! The pressure is a little overwhelming, but weddings is what started it all for me, it’s a line I’ve been dreaming up of for years and years. Fingers crossed I can do it the justice it deserves! It will be a humble beginning, but a fun start. Also to come: more canvases, more prints, and more sparkle. Hopefully some things to accessorize yourself as well as your walls, but that’s another story for another time. Stay tuned…

We’re headed back to the shop on Tuesday, and I am SO ready! Have a wonderful week! xo, l

p.s. Before I forget, please check out the freshly redesigned websites of Holly Mathis and Libby Lane Press! I was thrilled to be able to help with the identity design for both of these lovely ladies, and know you will love discovering their beautiful work if you haven’t already!