Things are HAPPENING!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been ONE MONTH since I last checked in! Crazy, how time flies! I will tell you, it’s been quite a month. Things are happening, people! Here are just some little big things that happened this month: Eva Love is now 10 months old. Holy cow. She’s amazing. She is so so so funny and full of life and I could stare at her and make her belly laugh all day. LOVE. // We launched my husband Dugan’s website: DUGANSHERBONDY.COM. Seriously, I couldn’t be more proud. He’s amazing and I can’t wait to see what God does with his site and his talent. // I finished up about 30 (THIRTY!!!!) products to add to my new shop. Most of them are holiday stationery items and some new art prints and canvases, plus a new stamp design and more to come. I am BEYOND THRILLED to share everything with you!!! It’s work I’m super proud of and I hope you love it as much as I do. (Get ready for some gilded goodness!). // My friend Heather is moving her print shop (after like, 50 years!) to a new location, and that’s where our new studio will be. My pieces were some of the last things run at the old location, and now everything is all packed up for the move! // Last week I got together with my amazing friend Laura of Lark Photography and she did the new product photography for the shop. Gosh, she’s good. // And just today, my good friend Mike installed some shelving at the new studio! Peach wall, check. Industrial shelves, check. Heaps of pretty paper to stack on the shelves, check check check…

SO with that, just a few more updates:
1. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the O Holy Night canvas. Yep!–it’s still for sale and you can purchase it here: O Holy Night Canvas
2. There will be customizable holiday cards, stationery, and stamps in my new online shop, but other than that, I’m not going to be taking any completely custom work, envelope addressing, or non-editorial hand lettering inquiries until after the holidays. I hate to say no, but I know that I can’t give you the full attention you deserve while I’m trying to launch the shop. Thanks so much for your understanding and check back in the new year!
3. The Lindsay Letters Shop will be officially live by the time you finish Trick-or-Treating (or Harvest Festivaling… Or boycotting… or whatever it is that you do). SO, will actually be the virtual home for the new shop, and my blog will be relocating to So for those of you writing me worried that you will miss the shop opening, don’t be! If you keep checking back here, you won’t miss it! (Some product sneak peeks to come!)

Take care, and happy Friday! xo, l