Christmas Cards are coming to town!

Hi! I know, I know… Christmas? Seriously? Yes. Kind of. I started working on some illustrations this week for a small line Lindsay Letters Holiday Cards. You guys, I am STOKED. I think they are going to be so fun and beautiful and different–I can’t wait to share! Since the majority of options I’m offering will be photo cards, I wanted to give you this quick tip.

christmas card tip from Lindsay Sherbondy on Vimeo.

Don’t have time to watch my ramblings? That’s cool. In short, here is the deal: When you’re thinking about your holiday card photo, make sure you leave some “negative space” in the photo to accommodate some lovey lettering over the photo. This space doesn’t have to be completely void of anything (i.e. trees, etc.) just make sure there is a fair amount of space in your photo with no people (so the design doesn’t have to go over anyone’s face). This could be to the side of you or above you if the photo’s orientation is vertical. The farther away and the less cropped, the better. We will be sure to zoom and crop however necessary on our end. Can’t wait to share the new card designs with you in September! In the meantime, Happy photo-taking! xo, l