sick day {er, week}

I am finally starting to feel a little bit better. As in, I don’t feel like I’m near death just by walking up the stairs. Along with a caring husband, here are some things that have helped this week to be a little more bearable. {no exes & ohs… I don’t want you getting sick, too!} __, linds

1. Aveda tea. The best herbal tea I’ve ever had in my entire life. If you like sweet tea, you’ll love this. Yum. // 2. My {2nd} favorite Anthropologie mug, in the letter L. // 3. Lush Mint Julip Lip Scrub. My friend Kristin turned a bunch of us girls on to this when she busted this out at a Christmas party. It’s like dessert for your lips. Since I can’t breathe with my mouth closed, this has been very helpful repairing my chapped lips. Which brings me to… // 4. Vanilla Lip Smacker. An oldie but a goodie. // 5. Vitamin Water. // 6. CamelBak Groove Filter Bottle. Honestly, these sippy water bottles are the best for me. I drink way more water when I use my bottle with the fun sippy spout. Plus, it’s so much easier to take a drink from it while running {not that I’m doing any running this week} than when I have to unscrew a cap and try to get the water into my mouth while I’m pounding pavement/rubber. One of the best inventions ever, if you ask me.