oh my tattoo/paper fashion/{yikes!}

The story, PART 1: I’ve been planning on my next tattoo since I got my last tattoo. I have 4 total–the word “grace” on my wrist, my wedding ring, and a multi-colored ichthus on my foot which I definitely covered up with this tattoo a few years later:

{tattoo by Jessie Hopeless, photo by Lark Photography, and shoe embellishments by me :o) }. My husband jokes that I have a “tattoo of the week” and that I’m the girl that cried wolf because I’ve had so many tattoo ideas but have yet to make the move. But really, it’s just because I haven’t found the right thing. I’ve wanted a tattoo on my arm since I fell in visual love with Megan Corkrey. Sigh. But what? I sketched and searched and still… eh. Everything was okay… but in the world of permanent ink on your skin, probably “okay” isn’t really enough, yes? Yes.

So one morning last year over coffee, I stumbled upon this post at Design Love Fest, and I gasped out loud. I’ve always loved watercolor and I have a very sketchy illustrative style, but the work of Kathryn Elyse of Paper Fashion is like all of my sketcywatercolor dreams actualized. I’m IN LOVE!!!! Please please look at the work on her blog. You’ll love it! This is one of my favorite posts. {A custom illustrated Coach bag from Fashion’s Night Out?–how sick would that be?!}

PART #3: I thought and looked and processed and stalked Paper Fashion until I finally bit the bullet and emailed the illustrator herself to request a custom illustration. I told her I loved her organic lines, her sketchy style, and that I was really drawn to flower corsages {like the ones at I’ve seen at Ban.do}. And, let me tell you, did Katie deliver! She was a blast to work with, and I’m beyond thrilled with what she created just for me! Here it is:

Um, AMAZING, right?! Wow, I love it. So I finally made my appointment with Andrew {great, solid guy and an amazing artist} for this Friday! YAY! I’ve got to admit, I’m a little nervous. Obviously, this is kind of a big deal and obviously, there is no way I can get exactly that drawing because of all the detail and because it’s not Katie actually tattooing me. But! I know I’ll love it. And so this Friday, I’m getting a new tattoo! {I still don’t think D believes me}. I’ll be sure to post pics and let you know how it goes! Yikes! xo, linds